Email & Collaboration

Why you should get yourself a Professional Email address.

N$29.⁹⁹ /Month

Don't settle for common email addresses as your Identity. Get personal. Create a unique internet identity and gain credibility by opting for Personal email using your own domain name.

It's Professional.

Your email address depicts your true Identity. Using your real name as your email address creates trustworthiness in communication.

It's Flexible.

Your customized email is compatible with most free or paid email service provider that uses standard global protocols.

It's Memorable.

Your customized email is easy to remember as it uses your real name. No business name forms part of your email address.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will it work with my free webmail service provider?

This service works with many popular webmail service providers like Gmail, Live Mail and Yahoo Mail. We are continually working on making customized email available with more email services.

Q. Will it work with my existing domain and hosting service provider?

If your service provider uses standardized email protocols, you can easily configure your customized email address to function with your current web host.

Q. Will I lose my current email address and old email messages?

No. Your customized email address is a forwarding system that sends all your incoming communication to your current email address. No messages are stored in your customized address as it is forwarded instantly to your email host servers.

Q. Will I still receive messages sent to my current email address?

Yes. Your current email address remains intact and fully functional. Customization is just an add-on alias to decorate your email address.

Q. If I cancel my subscription, will I still be able to use my old email address?

Yes. Your old email address is not in REPNAM Africa’s maintenance or hosting.